The company I work for leases out 18 wheeler trailers. Most of them come back fairly clean, but sometimes I get one returned that needs cleaning out.  One trailer came in this week with hundreds of playing cards in it. Needless to say I was not happy having to pick up all these cards. As I took a closer look, I noticed that most of these cards were cut into pieces and some were even shredded. In fact, the only cards that were not damaged were the ones that were blank. The photo above shows these cards in a bucket, and as I looked into this bucket, realizing and contemplating their condition, I felt God say "This is what My Church looks like". Wow, if you know me then you know that I had to chew-some-cud here to get the full message Holy Spirit was implying.

God began to explain to me that the Church is much like these cards, made up of broken and shredded people. He also made it clear to me that it did not matter the honorable status of a card (or person), the queen was just as broken as the 3. This is humbling as we realize that the first shall be last and the last shall be first, as well as the least in the church is actually the greatest and brokenness is no respecter of persons. Then there was the card that was completely shredded, so much that I couldn't even tell what kind of card it was, but it was one of the deck just the same! Beloved, be careful in judging those in the church that are a complete mess, they are a part of the deck just like you!! Then I struggled with this one, the only cards that were not broken or shredded were BLANK. This was most humbling as God said, "Those in My Body that think that they have it all together are most of the time the ones who don't even know their true identity in Me". Wow, blew my theological mind!!! Soooo, this is His Body, broken, shredded, and struggling with identity. Then I questioned "why there was not one card that was perfect??" I'll let you discover what His answer was on your own. As a hint, if it were not for His "Amazing Grace" we would all be without hope!! What an awesome God we serve!! And finally, no matter which one of these cards describes you, "YOU ARE A PART OF THE DECK"!!

So we talked about our individual part of the deck, now let's talk about our denominational part. If any of you have been following my blog's and/or posts over the past year, you know that my heart has been moved by God's heart concerning division in His Church. At first I thought that all these cards were from one deck (or types of decks), but as I looked closer, there were different decks (or types). This was so obvious to me as related to His Church, but He reiterated to me that "there is not one denomination that is exempt from the brokenness of life and the need of My grace". Beloved, I do not care what denomination you affiliate with, it does not matter what "deck" you are from, when you turn the card over you are no different than any other deck!! You can claim your affiliation of men, but He claims your affiliation with His Kingdom. I believe, in our generation (over the next 10 years), we will witness the Body of Christ (His Church) come together as never before in unity. The backs of the cards may vary, but when the world sees the face, we will all look alike!! Go to church, get connected to His Body, as long as you affiliate yourself with a Body who believes that Jesus is the one and only son of God and that His sacrifice is your only hope, you are part of a deck, no matter how broken or shredded you are.

Bro. Harold Moreland